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Wood Imbalance Personality Adjustment

Some days we are just out of balance. But, sometimes, that imbalance continues from one day into the next and the next. Suddenly, years pass, and we find that the imbalance has taken its toll in broken relationships, lost careers, and illness.

The Chinese associate some of these imbalances with the Five Elements. Let’s take Wood first.

Wood is associated with movement, our ability to break through, come forth, take a stand, and get things moving. In everyday life having Wood in balance means that you have carefully considered opinions, and you share them easily with others. You also listen carefully to others and take appropriate action.

If your Wood is weak, you may not even have opinions. This may make you easy to get along with, but you may never get what you want. If you have too much Wood, you may be stubborn and very opinionated. This may make it hard to get along with others.

Try this easy method to help create balance:

Buy three new plants. Place one just inside the main entry, one just inside the entry to the living area, and one just inside the bedroom door.

Don’t forget to water them. Your care will change the chi.