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Feng Shui Storyboard - Level 1 - Inquisitive

As a DESIGN SLEUTH, you will collect clues and probe secrets while studying a new signature story each month. Harness the support of others who have been drawn to the challenge as you gather new insights and clarity about this ancient philosophy.

Ask any questions you have—live with Katherine every Tuesday, or online any day of the week. Along the way, you will develop the eye of a true detective—an intelligent eye with the soft focus needed to appreciate the unique and nuanced information waiting to be found.

Pull up a chair today and find out why this is the perfect place for the inquisitive.

As a DESIGN SLEUTH, you receive:

  • Select Signature Videos & Floor Plans:
    Our videos are fun and informative, and will have you looking with new eyes—and discovering what rests far beyond the typical Feng Shui rules, tips, and taboos.
    You will receive the floor plan that corresponds to each video, making it easy to follow along and solve the mystery—perhaps even a mystery in your own home.
  • Breaking News & Scientific Sound Bites:
    Our membership community stays up-to-date, and you will have access to news and stories about Feng Shui, color, design, and transcendental thought.
  • Chalk Talk:
    This is our online forum where you can ask questions at any time and be assured of a quick and informed answer from Katherine. The answers help everyone better understand how and why a mystery unfolds as it does.
  • Press Conferences:
    Live every Tuesday, join Katherine and other Storyboard members via phone and webcast to review essential module information and ask all the questions you have.

Be inquisitive – become a

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