Get a glimpse into everything that’s fresh, unconventional, and fasinating about Feng Shui—for FREE! Explore five signature videos where our Master Detective and her apprentice lead you through their investigations into everyday Feng Shui mysteries hidden in plain sight.

Each mystery is a true-to-life chronicle from Katherine’s archives that span over 30 years of experience. Discover what might be lurking in corners, at entryways, or beneath and behind beds. We know you will be surprised at every turn.

Find out how this ancient art and science can be relevant in your busy, modern life.

In SNEAK PEEK, you receive:

  • 5 Select Signature Videos:
    These videos are fun and informative, and will have you looking with new eyes—and discovering what rests far beyond the typical Feng Shui rules, tips, and taboos.
  • 5 Case File Floor Plans:
    You will receive the floor plan that corresponds to each video, making it easy to follow along and solve the mystery—perhaps even a mystery in your own home.


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