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July 7, 2020 Press Conference

Listen to the replay of the July 7, 2020 Press Conference at:


HIGHLIGHTS of the call:

  • The Storyboard ONE by ONE is up and running. If you enter Chalk Talk, you will still be asked for your personal password so that the system can identify your comment as yours.
  • We discussed refining our language to meet the times by using Primary bedroom instead of Master bedroom.
  • Lorna added a quote in response to Anjie’s quote about inconvenience.
  • Sam offered a very unique and somewhat disturbing picture of a house. Take a look. We all added words to express our feelings and were reminded to formulate questions to ask without making assumptions.
  • We began our discussion of Injury with information about preventing a disease of the blood and a reminder of Yin Yang Dual Adjustment.
  • We will continue our discussion of Injury next week.

This Week’s REMINDERS:

  • Every last Tuesday call of the month will be all about Q & A from members. Ask a question. Comment on something you found interesting in a document. Let us know what is going on in your neighborhood. Come prepared with 2 or 3 offerings. Your time and effort will benefit all of us. There will be a big day on every final Tuesday of every month. You have a month to jot down a few notes.
  • Tech Tip: If you are having trouble posting a picture to Chalk Talk, send your IP address to Katherine. Our tech will put it on our White List indicating that we accept your post. Let us know if it helps.
  • You will find the procedure for downloading a Storyboard video from Vimeo in an FAQ. Take note of the size options, and it might be best not to choose the largest. These video files are huge.
  • A template is available for a spine insert if you keep your Storyboard documents in binders. The insert has the number of the Case File, the name of the File, and the Storyboard logo. You can purchase the template for $12 from Katherine.
  • Please use [email protected] to communicate with Katherine.
  • Please continue to send your tech questions to Katherine for a referral to our techs, Kevin and Stan.
  • If you have additional images for discussion on a Press Conference Call, send them to Katherine at [email protected].
  • Add your contact information to our Special Agent Directory: https://www.fengshuistoryboard.com/special-agent-directory.

Small Bite: A Heartfelt Thank You

Feng SHui SB SmallBites pink

A Heartfelt Thank You


On May 1st of 2020, I posted a Small Bite detailing a simple adjustment to help folks listen more profoundly to one another. Here are sections from a heartfelt and beautiful note received in my office a few weeks later.


Katherine, I’m sending you a BIG HUG and ENORMOUS GRATITUDE and Red Envelopes for your Small Bites post – Getting Along During a Difficult Time. I hung the ribbons high in the correct guas, and made sure they were visible. And my, my, my they are certainly working!

Some of our conversations at home are gentle breezes and others are gusts … and all seem to be from a deeper part of our hearts, minds and souls – leading us ultimately to a calming feeling of strength, love, togetherness, and common purpose. I’m astonished.

I notice as the conversations ebb and flow and the days pass, the next days are more productive and satisfying. It seems that new respect is being shown. The cure is transforming my life … subconsciously. Change is happening. This has been enormously helpful for us.

I give enormous thanks to you and Professor, and recognize that I see these conversations differently than I have in the past – as I now have support and a novel method to bring about a change in our lives and engendering communication that I never knew before. And somehow, all of a sudden, I have insight, wisdom, and language to understand living in this new world.

I encourage everyone to return to May 1st of 2020 and review the Small Bitedetailing the Listening Cure. I have seen it work again and again, always in a new way, but perfect for the particular need for meaningful, even profound, communication.
Take a moment to reflect upon the power of listening well.
You can find the May 1st Small Bite here.  
Our hearts and minds are full here at the Storyboard. 

We are grateful for your courage to employ a bit of uncommon sense.