Feng Shui Storyboard is a many-layered treasure chest of ideas, inspirations and real-life clues and cures. These are real detective stories, chock full of great Feng Shui clues and tips while you voyage the twists and turns of true-life stories of people who were stymied by situations that seemed out of their control. These journeys uncover unseen features in a home or office that affect lives for better and for worse. The true story draws me onto the trail of investigation and putting my new knowledge to work. I really want to know what happens and how it happens.

Katherine never just leaves you mystified, she provides solutions! …and there’s almost always a choice of cures and paths to any solution. That’s the beauty of this. Many photos and drawings beautifully illustrate the teaching.

The detective files offer an abundance of support material detailing the many uses of color, the elements, placement, light, the philosophy underlying feng shui, and a whole lot more. It’s like an array of Feng Shui tapas. 🙂

The conference calls are a great way to connect to the personal touch of a great teacher and to a community of people involved in [on] the same great Feng Shui mysteries.

The great support staff will never just leave you mystified either! They’re there to help, and they do.

Feng Shui Storyboard is definitely a Best Buy!

After nearly 22 years of working with Feng Shui, Professor, and Katherine, I am absolutely delighted that there are always insights to learn and make. One of the pieces that has piqued my interest in the Storyboard – besides knowing the deep wisdom that you will be sharing Katherine – is the opportunity to explore Pinterest with guides.

This experience has already sparked so many new connections with my own home and with clients with whom I’ve worked over the years.


Love and deep gratitude.


I have to say to all – The Deep Wisdom volume that Katherine is offering is INCREDIBLE!!! I ordered this volume last year and was just rereading the 250 pages.

This volume is so valuable, it takes everything we have learned in the Feng Shui Storyboard and takes it up a level, if that’s even possible. I am so grateful for this volume of information. Much love to you Katherine for your years of dedication and so graciously sharing your hard work and knowledge.


I am so grateful that you have carried forth Professors wisdom in such a powerful way allowing all of us to touch and experience that magic. I have believed in Feng Shui for years and feel like I floundered trying to make the concepts work (like taking two sticks in the woods and trying to start a fire). Then you came along and gave me a lighter! I am so much more effective with a lighter! THANK YOU!


As I go through the Storyboard, copying, downloading, binging on the videos like a Netflix series, I am reminded of the treasure box of information you have shared in the Storyboard. It is priceless.


Thank you so much for being so generous with your time and your eagerness to answer everyone’s questions so tirelessly.

This Feng Shui Storyboard is amazing. It’s challenging and fun! You guys are doing a great job. Thank you 🙂

I’m not sure that I could have opened up this story as quickly or as deeply without having done this work with you and your storyboard team.
Similar things have happened with each of the modules.
With deepest gratitude for your artistry and generosity.

Your site is Fantastic!


Katherine, you are the BEST! I have so much more clarity, I can’t even tell you.

Webinar Participant

I’m so happy to contribute. So fun to look at all the amazing pictures! It’s like a journey from the comfort of home every time I look around on there!

Great, can’t wait for more. Thank you a million, again!

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What a pleasure to review plans with you!

Mentoring Student
Feng Shui Storyboard is brilliant – in my humble opinion. Spectacular!

It is amazing how the plans I receive – even my own – are incredibly complex pushing the bar of knowledge ever higher. After having to wrack my brain around them every which way, with your backup I see a way through!

I am learning so much with the Storyboard, it is an exceptional value!


Thank you so much for all of the insights, deepenings and inspirations for my own practice and for my clients.

You have so much content….. it’s overflowing 🙂


Each new and renewed cure brings more stability, clarity and focus to my life. Thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you for hearing the voice of my home…
I am so grateful for the creativity, clarity, brilliance and wisdom of your Feng Shui Storyboard.
Barbara B.

I must tell you what happened to my daughter after you gave her cures for ear ringing. She adjusted Career in all the areas you said. She had two stuck double doors in Career, and two stuck double doors in Fame. A handy man came yesterday and fixed the doors. This morning the ringing was noticeably less. She also got a call from “Better Homes & Garden” for a huge Graphic Design job. Also, she learned that a large amount of money that has been owed to her for seven years will be paid back starting in May. She was so excited today when she called, she could hardly speak. We are very grateful. Thanks for your generosity.

Without a doubt the sense of camaraderie and community this group provides is incredible. Never have I been involved with such a great group of people that are so supportive and encouraging.

Thank you so very much for sharing all your teachings and knowledge with so much patience and kindness.


My profound gratitude for the incredibly affordable price, especially considering how much information you pack into each module . . .

I’m thankful every day that I found you and the Storyboard. Thank you! Have been busy digging into all things ba-gua and am loving the knowledge.

Thank you for your wise and wonderful teachings shared on the Storyboard. Professor is surely smiling on you.


I just love this part of the Storyboard (Pinterest). So many fabulous examples and ideas.

It’s wonderful being part of the Storyboard community.

Thank you for your knowledge and mentorship for together they have allowed my Feng Shui knowledge to truly expand and blossom.


I’m continually amazed at, and grateful for, the depth & creativity of what you are sharing with all of us on the Storyboard. The live I Ching/5 Elements Press Conference was enlightening and clarifying.


Thank you for the rich content shared in the Storyboard Good Luck Series and the module titled “Gone.”


Your helpful presence and deep knowledge of feng shui is invaluable to us as we navigate building a home for our family.