Meet the team behind Feng Shui Storyboard, a community of those passionate about the contemporary applications of Feng Shui.

As a Storyboard member, you will learn about tools and techniques from Katherine Metz, one of the leading spokespersons on the subject, and begin to solve design mysteries in your home and strengthen your ability to help others.

Katherine Metz - Floor Plan Detective

Katherine Metz, the Floor Plan Detective, used to rearrange her neighbor’s gardens as a kid – without permission. When her mother sent her back to “fix” it, the neighbors always said it was much better. So began a lifetime dedicated to understanding the connection between the spaces we live in and the people we are.

Katherine is the go-to person if you want an answer that flows from H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun—having chronicled his teachings for 25 years and learned so much from him. With 33 years of experience, she has an innate knack for reading a floor plan and knowing the story of the house and it occupants, relating Feng Shui in a way that makes it relevant today.

Seeing a problem with new eyes, Katherine can show you how there is more to life than logic. By reading between the lines she has helped artists, movie stars, bank managers, CEO’s, designers and architects, professional poker players, race car drivers—people from all walks of life, all over the world.

She’s helped people get family members out of jail, find a job, find, sell and design houses, find a partner, and restore stability to their lives. There’s an art to reading a floor plan. By unveiling the reasons why life seems out of control, problems can be solved in a new way. Katherine truly brings mastery to the table, offering Feng Shui in a modern, accessible form, getting right to the heart of the problem.

She is passionate about beauty and color which is why you will find Feng Shui Storyboard such a delight. Combine that with an enquiring mind and a penchant for mystery – the Floor Plan Detective is born! Bringing all things unseen to light.

Visit Katherine’s website at

Valerie Rhodes - Feng Shui Storyboard

Assisting Katherine as she follows the clues and unwraps the mysteries is Valerie Camila Rhodes, Katherine’s Apprentice.

Eager to ask questions, Valerie brings her diverse talents to the team. With a worldview informed through the life-shaping experience of living all over the globe, this super-smart, highly-empathetic voice ensures no stones are left unturned as the stories develop.

Bilingual, media-savvy and in-tune with the spiritual side of life, Valerie’s passion for self-improvement and empowerment are inspiring for all who come into contact with her.

Tina Tucker has been making the world a more visually pleasing place for over 30 years; working in print, branding, identity, logos and web design. She has had the honor to have worked with Katherine for the past 20 years and is so excited to be part of the Feng Shui Storyboard.

Tina brings a sense of clean and modern style to all the work she does. Keeping design “simple,” yet conveying the message that needs to be brought forth, is her specialty. Her favorite final product is always the piece that evokes a sense of clean sophistication with a kind approachability.

Tina is also in the wonderful and creative world of mala making. Using semi-precious gemstones, she creates beautiful one-of-a-kind, hand made and hand knotted malas.

Check out her website at:

Carbo Films

Also on the case is Dora Medrano, owner and Executive Producer at Carbo Films, who has been a Feng Shui advocate and Katherine Metz groupie for years.

Carbo Films, founded in 1992 by Executive Producers Javier Carbo and Dora Medrano, has been at the helm of countless national and international campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. They have extensive experience filming all over the world, garnering numerous advertising awards along the way.

Dora’s first encounter with Katherine was over 16 years ago when she enlisted the Feng Shui expert for a consultation at her office. This was not only illuminating but also highly effective and influential. Since that time the two have forged a friendship and collaboration that is anchored by Katherine’s deep wealth of knowledge and caring and Dora’s sensibility and sense of aesthetics.

Both women are firm believers that beauty, in all its shapes and expressions, can change the world, and are on a mission to spread the benevolent effects of the teachings and wisdom that Katherine holds.

Julia Camara-Calvo

Julia Camara-Calvo is our Production Coordinator.

Julia was named after a film, hence, she works in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. She has a cat named Gatita and a husband named Daniel. She loves the beach, the rain, and TV shows, and she’s a really bad cook.

She never knew much about Feng Shui until she met Katherine and started working with her. Now she’s hooked!

Happy sleuthing everyone!

Contact her here or by phone at 323.813.JULS.