Listen to the replay of the September 10, 2019 Press Conference at:

HIGHLIGHTS of the call:

  • We asked lots of questions. It’s time to review and learn anew! Join us for these informative calls. We will continue next week from Portland as Katherine travels to her new home in Seattle.
  • Katherine’s new address after September 13th. 15843 198th Place NE, Woodinville, WA 98077

This Week’s REMINDERS:

  • You will find the procedure for downloading a Storyboard video from Vimeo in an FAQ. Take note of the size options, and it might be best not to choose the largest. These video files are huge.
  • A new address for Katherine when sending a package: Use two lines, one with P.O. Box 135 and one with 44 Jessie St. If you use a service that will not deliver to a PO Box, use one line and write 44 Jessie St. POB 135.
  • A template is available for a spine insert if you keep your Storyboard documents in binders. The insert has the number of the Case File, the name of the File, and the Storyboard logo. You can purchase the template for $12 from Katherine.
  • Please use [email protected] to communicate with Katherine.
  • Please continue to send your tech questions to Katherine for a referral to our techs, Kevin and Stan.
  • If you have additional images for discussion on a Press Conference Call, send them to Katherine at [email protected]
  • Add your contact information to our Special Agent Directory: