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Calming the Heart & Mind

If you are often upset and need to calm down, try this easy method. Give yourself about 20 minutes. You need a rice or soup bowl from which you have recently eaten.
  • Rinse it just a little bit.
  • Now, fill the bowl with water until it is about 75% full.
  • Take the bowl, with the water inside, outside under the open sky. There does not have to be sunlight. Stay for just a moment.
  • Return to the house carrying the bowl. Set it down. The movement will have created ripples on the surface of the water.
  • Focus your eyes upon the ripples until the water becomes still. Your mind will become calm.
  • Now, repeat the procedure beginning by rinsing the bowl once again. You do not need to eat again. Complete all the steps once again. Fill the bowl with water, go outside, come back in, set the bowl down, and watch the water until it is still.
  • Repeat again for a total of 9 times.
Once you are calm, you can teach this method to someone who is not sleeping well, a child who cannot focus on work or study, or a friend who wants to stop getting angry all the time.
You will calm hearts and minds.