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Change Your Personality With Color

There are so many ways that color can help us to strengthen our ability to cope with daily life. Here are some ways to use color to change some bad habits or personality traits:

 If you are stubborn, wear some black and light green.

If you are selfish, wear black or red. You will, wisely, make more generous choices.

If you are often nervous, wear green.

If you are insensitive to others and their needs and desires, wear black or red.

If you are overly sensitive, wear yellow, beige, or brown. You will stabilize your feelings.

If you have a temper, wear black and green. You will cool the anger, and gain some wisdom.

If people find you abrasive, wear black, green, brown, yellow or orange. Others may stop running away.

If you are rude to clerks, waiters and others, wear green. You will bring some compassion to your interactions.

If you keep forgetting things, wear green or light blue.

If you are just too passive and find yourself ignored and not getting what you want, wear red. Remember, a little red goes a long way.

So, open your closet and dress to change. Color works wonders.