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Changing Bad Luck to Good Luck

If everything is falling apart, someone is sick, money is missing from the bank account, a child is coming home late every night, and you’ve lost your job, you need some help right away. You might try any one of the following:
  • Place a mirror on the ceiling above the stove, facing the stove. You will raise the chi and luck of the entire household. If you cannot place the mirror, hang a wind chime above the head of the cook standing at the stove.
  •  Place 4 lights, one in each corner of the lot. Shine the lights upward. It will bring the chi of the earth upward to nourish and protect you.
  •  Hang a crystal ball in the center of the bedroom, office, and home study. You will distribute good chi from the center outward to all parts of the home.
  •  If the front door is not working properly, fix it. Good chi will once again flow easily into the house.
  •  Add animals to the household or install a fish pond. The ever-moving chi can help to change the luck from bad to good.
 Perform a good deed every day, expecting no reward. The lucky chi will come back to you.
Wishing you lots of good luck.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day