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Children and a Tall Building Next Door

If your child is having trouble in school, first speak with the teacher. The problem may be as simple as a disagreement with a classmate, or not understanding an assignment. If you still feel that there is a problem, look closely at your house and its surroundings.

If the house next door is taller than your house, your child may do poorly in school, in sports, even religious studies, and other important activities.

  • Place a small concave mirror on the roof of your house so it reflects the image of the taller house, making it look shorter.

If a neighbor’s roofline points at your front door, your child and good student may feel added pressure and criticism.

  • Install a light on one corner of your lot. Aim it at the tallest part of your house. The light does not have to be turned on. Just make sure it is connected to electricity.


  • Install a spinning element between the two houses.


  • Protect your house with landscaping that softens the sharp point.

To further ensure that you child has every opportunity to rise to the top of the class, add a small pond, or even a birdbath, to both the front left corner and back right corner of your lot.

Now, watch your child succeed!