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Command at Your Desk

I know that it is alluring to sit at your desk and look out the window at a great view, especially at home. But, please resist the temptation. As you sit in command of the door to the room instead of looking out the window or at a wall, you gain the following advantages:
  • You will be able to see opportunity coming and take advantage of the moment.
  • In addition, and as important, you will be able to see trouble coming and prepare
    for the worst.
  • You will feel a sense of protection and a sense of control as you face the world.
  • You will be available to receive support and solid advice, critical in this
    fast-moving world.
  • You will be able to withstand criticism, taking from it what may help you and
    letting the rest pass on by.
  • You may develop an entirely new perspective and find yourself taking an adventurous new path.
  • You may find yourself becoming the center of attention or your ideas finding
    their place in the world.

Get ready for the ride. Your horizons will expand, your creativity will blossom, your knowledge will increase and your heart and mind will be open to whatever comes your way.

Even your taxes!