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Good News About the Front Door

Remember, according to Professor’s teachings, it is not necessary to ask your clients to use their front door as their entry door every day. If they enter through their garage, this is fine. It is, however, important that the front door is opened often, even if it is friends who enter and not the occupants.


Even if no one enters, it is ok. The human traffic is mundane. The transcendental chi is the most important aspect of this discussion.


Open the door often and invite in health, wealth, friendship, love, curiosity, judgment, kindness, wisdom, and whatever else you desire. Take your time and speak from the mind and heart. Trust that the chi will come to nourish all who reside within.
You need not change your daily path through the garage or a side door. It may be the most practical path with groceries and children or during a storm. The ease of this path is important to your chi every day. Just don’t forget the power of the front door to fill your home with happiness. Visit it often and invite in all you wish.