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Helping Children Make Good Choices

Here are some ways to use a Sun Moon Mirror to help a child.
To increase a child’s intelligence and strengthen his or her ability to reason and make good decisions, place the mirror under the child’s pillow.
  • For better focus and concentration, place the mirror with the moon side facing up.
  • If the child seems preoccupied with things other than schoolwork, place the mirror with the moon side up. The mind will clear, and activities will take their proper place.
If a child seems to be out-of-sorts, unlike his or her usual self, place the mirror, either side up, under the pillow. It will help to clear away anything that may be distracting or bothering the child. Worry and doubt will fade away.
If a child is angry, place the mirror under the pillow, moon side up.
If a child is timid and finds it difficult to make friends, place the mirror under the pillow, sun side up.
If your child is ready to move up and out into the world, place the mirror on the ceiling above the head of the bed. Face the sun side to the bed. The light of the sun will lead the way.
Happy Mother’s Day!