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If an I Ching Answer Leaves You Wondering
You created the perfect question for the I Ching. You’ve read the commentary and the change line of the hexagram associated with your method of divination. Yet, the answer is not speaking to you. Here are a few suggestions to help you clarify and better analyze the suggestion offered.
1. If it will help you to better understand what the answer is not, create the antigram of the hexagram – the line for line opposite. You will get the opposite point of view.
2. Recognize the importance of the change line, for it places attention on the most pivotal and significant information needed in the current situation.
Line 6 is cautious for one can easily overstep, becoming arrogant or excessive.
Line 5 is successful and one can become accomplished and recognized.
Line 4 is stressful and one may need to look for help from others.
Line 3 is dangerous, and it may be easy to make a mistake.
Line 2 is encouraging and praiseworthy, and one may be able mature easily.
Line 1 is without blame or success. It is just the beginning.
More generally, lines 2 and 5 are auspicious for action. Lines 3 and 4 are transitional asking one to be on one’s guard. Lines 1 and 6, being on the edges, also suggest caution. One’s actions may become either excessive or insufficient.
3. Notice how many lines are “correct” and “incorrect.” A line is “correct” when its yin/yang nature correlates with the nature of its line position. For instance, a yang line in position one is “correct.” A yin line in position one is “incorrect.”
More correct lines indicate more external opportunities and success.
Fewer correct lines indicate more internal opportunities for growth and self discovery.
If correct yin lines predominate, this may be the time for self-reflection. Yet, be cautious, for becoming self-indulgent or plagued by melancholy is possible.
If correct yang lines predominate, it may be the time for looking outward and striving for success. Beware of becoming arrogant or overly materialistic.
As you work with these simple methods, you will discover level upon level of meaning and benefit accordingly. Your keenness of intuition will develop, and you will see into and beyond your original thinking.