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A Non-traditional Use of a Mirror

Our world is changing, and with it, some ideas about the use of mirrors inside the house. Take note of some new thinking about a mirror in the bedroom.
A mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed is very good for our chi. The space in front of the bed is symbolic of our future and should be deep and spacious. The mirror will double the distance between the end of the bed and the wall, and will expand the possibility of increasing our good fortune day by day. For instance:
  • If feeling lazy, the mirror will absorb the lazy chi from your body, strengthening your chi and getting you moving.
  • If angry or sad, the mirror will absorb the anger or sadness.
  • If confused, the mirror will let you see with new clarity every day as you awake.
  • The mirror will allow you to reflect upon your life, and, perhaps, change any bad habits.
Be sure you can see yourself in the mirror as you sit up in bed in the morning. Greet each day as you see yourself anew.