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Personification of the House

If you are having trouble completing the last pages of your book, putting the finishing touches on a painting, or pushing a work project to completion, try this simple placement of two mirrors.At home, the mirrors should be at least big enough to take in your head and shoulders. At work, the mirrors can be bigger depending upon the space. Place them, facing one another, to both sides as you sit at your desk, stand at your easel, or work together as a team at a conference table. If there are many people involved, place them opposite one another on either side of the main door.

The writer and artist will be more relaxed. Their minds will be able to reach to infinity for just the right word or the perfect color. Workers will find an infinite number of new solutions to an overworked problem, one that has kept them stuck for a long time.

As things become easier and folks move forward with new enthusiasm, other things will fall away. There will be fewer worries, less turmoil, rough speech, or desperate actions.

Watch everything calm down, and get ready for the ideas to flow.