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Career: Getting a Raise

Here are a few quick ways to get that needed raise.

Speak up. If you find it difficult to state your case for deserving more money for the fine job that you do, practice the following breathing exercise:

  • Inhale deeply through the mouth. Then exhale in 8 short breaths and one long, final breath. Do this 9 times.
  • If you are angry about being overlooked, then breathe in the moonlight. You will cool off. Better to ask when you are calm.

Hang a crystal ball above where you sit at your desk and above your head in bed. The clarity of your wishes will be more easily expressed.

You can also do the following exercise:

  • Place 9, nine-inch lengths of split, green bamboo on the floor, flat side down. Place them just a step apart as shown.
  • In your bare feet, step onto the first piece. Take a second step, stepping on the second piece. Continue the walk, stepping upon all 9 pieces. If you wish, you can repeat these 9 steps 2 more times.
  • Repeat the walk every morning, noon, and evening for 27 days.

You will increase your vitality, strength, and power, and be more able to come forward and speak up.

Good luck, and I hope a celebration dinner is in order. Let us know.bamboo1