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Seeing With Our Yin Yang Eyes
A Message from Professor
Black Sect Feng Shui places an emphasis on the theory of the harmony of yin and yang. For instance:

We may not see a tornado developing (yin), but we do see the destruction (yang).

We may see political demonstrations, murders, and hijackings (yang), but we don’t see the underlying intrigue of a political coup (yin).

We can see a wind chime or crystal (yang), but we cannot see the Three Secrets Reinforcement (yin).

We may see someone fired (yang), but we must also see that his or her firing can affect the next “owner” of the job (yin).

As we see both the yin and yang of a situation, the seen and the unseen, we create a “complete school.” We see the relationship between people and their dwellings from this viewpoint – the harmony of yin and yang.
The two (yin and yang) become one, the Tao.