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Bedroom Outside the Front Door
If a master bedroom is outside the line of the front door, partners may be distracted by things outside the home. This can include the appearance of an intruder in the marriage. One partner may find him or herself in another’s bedroom. So, it is wise to take note and act immediately.
Even if the distraction does not take the occupants out of the house physically, the distraction may keep partners from effectively handling family matters. The marriage can be forgotten – lost amidst the distractions of children, work, friends, and hobbies.
Correct the problem as quickly as you can.
  • Draw the bedroom into the house with a mirror on the wall in the bedroom – the wall that connects to the rest of the house. You are flipping the image of the bedroom so that it rests inside the line of the front door.


  • In each corner of the bedroom, add what is called a “Pillar of the Universe.”
Twist together two lengths of string or ribbon, one red and one gray, and both long enough to reach from ceiling to floor. Attach the pillars to the ceiling in each corner, and let the rest of the string fall to the floor.
As you place the strings, visualize the distractions falling away. See a new understanding developing, and the partnership supported by all the powers of heaven and earth.
You are happy and content as you become, once again, lovers and best friends.