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The Artistry of a Question & Answer

There are always questions of Professor that elicit extraordinary answers which seem to stand on their own and give us some insight into the workings of a masterful mind and heart. 
Here is an interesting question from a student, and an even more interesting and insightful answer from Professor:
“If a single woman is living alone in a house, practicing Feng Shui and meditating in the house, there is a lot of yin chi. You said earlier that yin chi can create suffering. What are the affects on the woman’s finances, especially when doing Feng Shui?”
Note from Katherine:
I think you can see that this student was slightly confused about the idea of the yin chi that Professor was talking about earlier (ghosts, empty desks, etc.), but here is Professor’s answer. I think you will see that he answered the question perfectly for this person at this time.
Professor’s Answer:
The woman living alone should perform the cure for adjusting her Dynamic Water. That way, she will have more outside contact.
She should also adjust Partnership.
She should also construct the Four Pillars in her bedroom. The gods will look after her. The pillars will also activate Helpful People, Partnership, Knowledge, and Wealth.
She should reflect upon herself to see if a lack of cultivation is any part of the difficulties in her life. Perhaps she is also lacking a partner. All these things may be related.
A Closing Note from Katherine:
It will be your artistry and cultivation that gives you the perfect answer. It may be one simple action or a series of things to do. Let your intellect gather the data, and your inspiration guide your choice.
The Dynamic Water Cure was the perfect choice on this day for this woman (who, by the way, was without a partner).
If you need the Dynamic Water Cure, let us know. It is one of the most valuable methods to both enhance your wisdom and increase your social and business contacts. At the same time, it will heighten your personal drive and effectiveness.
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