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Yes, But Chi, Also Known as Self-defeating Chi

If this is you, you might be suffering a lot. So, please listen carefully.

Do you have a very high self-image and tend to feel that only you know best? Do you ignore advice, even good advice? Do you insist on your way, and only your way? Is this image you have of yourself correct, or is it slightly delusional? Does your self-image exceed your actual capabilities? Do you make many attempts to succeed, but find yourself rarely succeeding?

If the answer is yes to any number of the above, you may be in need of help. You may be in a constant state of depression, failing at most things, and suffering all the time. You are always full of yourself, and never empty. There is no room for joy or success; there is no room for help or new perspectives. In the end, all is lost – over and over again.

The longer this continues, the harder it is to correct. So, begin right away. Take some time each day to reflect. Place a mirror in the bedroom and look into it every day at the same time. You may begin to see another way of being.